Fun Stuff! February 22, 2021

It’s Raining, It’s Pouring…!

A rainy, dreary Monday today, and even more rain in the forecast. So many of us are still working from home, have kiddos who are doing school from home, shopping from home… you get my drift. With all this time at home, indoors, and now the rain – are you feeling stuck? It’s easy to let the rain discourage you from getting out and having fun. It’s easy to think that a day is “ruined” when it’s pouring rain outside. And we all know that bad weather can have a negative effect on our emotions and mood. But if you’re tired of letting the weather mess with your day, remember that it’s just that. Weather. You still have the power to make the day all that you wanted it to be.

Next time that the rain threatens to dampen your spirits, I challenge you to find something in your day to lift your spirits. Counteract that rain! I’ve put together a list of fun ideas, to help you get to brainstorming!

  • Put on your rain jacket and rain boots, grab an umbrella, and go for a walk in the rain! (I definitely recommend jumping in some puddles along the way too)
  • Go for a trail walk in the forest – the trees block most of the rain, and the quiet is so peaceful!
  • Pick up some bright flowers to put on your desk, to brighten your space as you work from home
  • Build a fort and watch movies with the kids
  • Keep your lights on around you to brighten your day (literally)
  • Read a good book you’ve been meaning to get to, but never find the time for
  • Don’t skip your workout! – If you normally head to the gym at a certain time, stick to that routine. If you normally work out outdoors, look up a workout or exercise video that you can do from home
  • Catch up with friends or family during a break from work –  talking to those you love often brightens your mood
  • Make time for crafting, cooking, baking, art or music – Let those creative juices flow!
  • Play a game with the kids or whole family, or challenge the kids to a Lego build-off
  • Get moving! – Take frequent breaks to get up and walk around, use a break to do some yoga, or even have a dance-off with your kids!
  • Play your favorite music, loud, throughout the house, and sing along!
  • Take an opportunity to check off an item on your to-do list, like organizing a closet or cleaning out a junk drawer
  • Do a fun home/DIY project
  • Have an at-home spa day
  • Surprise the kids with a pillow fight!
  • Meet friends for an impromptu lunch date at a local restaurant or café

What are your favorite ways to beat the rainy day blues?