Neighborhood SpotlightUncategorized April 27, 2021

Neighborhood Spotlight – Admiral’s Cove

Admiral’s Cove is a beautiful neighborhood perched on the gorgeous shores of the Puget Sound on Whidbey Island, just south of Coupeville. Admiral’s Cove homeowners have direct access to the Admiralty Inlet, a historic waterway linking the eastern end of the Juan de Fuca Strait to Puget Sound. With beautiful views of the Olympics, this is a perfect spot for those who love rock-hounding, kayaking, and just generally being on or near the water!

The Admiral’s Cove community was created in 1963, and a  well water system was completed that same year, to support the community. In 1970 the Admiral’s Cove Beach Club was established, and in 1992, the residents of the community voted to establish the Admiral’s Cove Water District, which bought the existing well water system, and made major improvements. The Water District is a separate entity from Admiral’s Cove Beach Club. It has its own Board of Commissioners who are responsible for providing safe water and maintaining the water system for the ACBC subdivision.

​The Admirals Cove Beach Club is not an HOA, but rather a recreational organization, as it offers “associate memberships” for those that do not own land in the development, but still want to be able to use the facilities. The governing documents do, however, run with the land, binding property owners in the Admiral’s Cove community to these governing documents, and property owners in the Admiral’s Cove community can’t opt out of belonging to the Club.

All property owners in the Admiral’s Cove Development, Divisions 1 through 7, are members of the Admiral’s Cove Beach Club. The Admiral’s Cove Beach Club Board consists of 7 directors elected by the community. These homeowners are elected by mail-in ballot, to serve 3-year terms on the Board of Directors as volunteer representatives of the entire membership. The Board is responsible for protecting the value and character of recreational areas and shared community property. The Annual Meeting of the members is generally held on the fourth Saturday in the month following fiscal year-end. At current, dues are $350 per year.

Since 1967 the Admiral’s Cove Pool has been an oasis for Beach Club members, their families, and guests. It has been recently remodeled and is located right on the beach!










The Beach Club Shelter located adjacent to the pool can be reserved by any members in good standing. Rental includes access to the open air and enclosed gazebo area, picnic area, grills, horseshoe pit, one of the two fire pits and the restroom at the east end of the pool building.

Admiral’s Cove is a diverse community, with neighbors from all walks of life, and at all stages of life. The community is very active, and likes to come together for events like Morning Coffee on Tuesdays, Community Garage Sales, and various BBQs and Potlucks! You can check out their events on their website, or see their newsletters for reports from the Social Committee.

As a homeowner in Admiral’s Cove, you can have dogs, cats, and other indoor household pets. You can’t, however, have any livestock (including chickens or other birds). So… If fresh eggs are your thing, you’ll still have to purchase them from locals who can have chickens. Admiral’s Cove is part of the Coupeville School District.