Fun Stuff!Tips August 9, 2021

Home Library Inspo for #nationalbookloversday

For #nationalbookloversday we’re bringing you some Home Library tips and ideas! With the right inspiration, you can make your space (no matter how big or small) the perfect space to escape the world, and curl up with a good book!


  • Choose a room/spot in your home with less traffic/noise, and lots of natural light! If that’s not an option, take the time to choose the best lamps and lights to brighten your space, fit your aesthetic, and provide ample light to read by.


  • Set the mood! Create the right ambience, based on how you want to feel in your library. Maybe you love the coziness of rich, luxurious reds and browns… Or maybe the airiness of whites and pastel blues, greens, or yellows. Maybe you want your library to be a focal point and bold colors are more your style. Whatever makes you feel at peace in your library – start with those colors!


  • Bring comfort to your home library space with the right seating… A sofa, large cozy armchairs, a swinging hammock chair, a rug with floor cushions, a window seat… Where do you want to spend your time reading and relaxing?


  • Choose the right shelving! Consider how large your collection is, how many shelves you need, what size shelving you can fit in your space, the sturdiness of the shelving to support your books, and whether you want to secure your shelves to the wall, and what will fit the style of your room.


  • Decide how you want to organize your book collection! This part can be so much fun, because there are so many ways to do it, and not a SINGLE wrong way! Do you want to organize by color, by author, by series, by genre, by size, theme, hardcover/softcover, alphabetically… The options are endless!


  • Give your home library some extra personality by adding accents like a rug – patterned, shag, Persian – whatever suits your style and feel of your room! Add some throw blankets and pillows, some of your favorite art pieces, geometric or other eye-catching shelving options, an electric fireplace, or feature books/series that are especially important to you prominently on their own shelves.


📚 Have a home library or reading nook that brings you joy? We want to see it! You can share your photos in the comments, or via our social media – Facebook or Instagram.