Welcome to Whidbey Island!

You're Going to Love it Here!

Whether you plan to stay for a weekend, a couple weeks, a few years, or a lifetime... Whidbey Island is sure to find a place in your heart. 

With its unrivaled views, small-town charm, and abundance of outdoor activities, Whidbey Island is an idyllic destination to satisfy your wanderlust. A sleepy but rugged island, things move at a slower pace than in the big cities it sits in close proximity to, making it a natural landing place for tourists and “locals” alike. Whidbey Island features quaint, seaside towns filled with history… rolling farmlands, small family farms, and summer Farmer's Markets... wineries, breweries, and distilleries… beautiful waterfronts and beaches, and iconic state parks… and fresh restaurants and cafes serving up local fare like renowned Penn Cove Mussels and impressive cups of Washington coffee - offering the perfect stop to recharge from your adventures, and breather in the refreshing salt air.